How Discipline and Perseverance Lead to Bigger Wins in Financial Advising

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In this day in age, I do not believe money alone defines a professional. A professional is defined as a person who is disciplined and can persevere through challenges to advance as a professional.

In the movie, “A Few Good Men,” there is a scene where Jack Nicholson is on the stand, telling the prosecuting attorney, Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth!”

As a financial advisor, to be the best takes discipline. Can you handle the truth that success takes discipline?

I just completed the Aquathlon World Championships, a swim-run spinoff of the traditional triathlon (I can’t cycle). When I arrived at the course, seeing 5,000 competitors from 85 different countries was awe-inspiring. But one athlete there inspired me more than the rest – Lori Dandley. This is because I get to see the time and effort she puts into training for the World Championships. Lori is a pure professional.

I see Lori most frequently on Tuesday nights when Steve Pye, founder of Practical Coaching, runs track workouts. Leading up to the World Championships, Lori was busy working, which meant she could not make the 5:45 p.m. starts. So she would run her workouts at 7:15 p.m. when everyone was leaving and it was getting dark. Talk about discipline.

In triathlon, about 50% of the race is spent on a bicycle. To master the discipline, it takes hard work and time “on the seat.” Lori accomplishes this feat by traveling via bicycle wherever she needs to go around Denver. This means traveling to and from work by bicycle a great deal of the time. Having the process and the discipline to do this is amazing, and it is what allows her to complete at a world level.

As a sales trainer for financial advisors, I preach the need for the same hard work and discipline to be applied to one’s financial planning business. There are individuals that are in this business for the lifestyle and those who want to develop a self-sustaining business. Whatever your motivation, having a measured, structured process for completing operations, and specifically sales, will improve your professional performance and overall quality of life.

Just like Lori, working your system, including your mind and body, is a must. It can be grueling work to start, but once you get going, you can coast.

Some financial advisors don’t know where to start. For this we have our 21-point day class available here. What this does first is give you a plan, and then we make a game out of it. It is always easier to stay disciplined if we think of things as a game rather than a chore. Last, we enable you to track your progress. This puts you in position to get sales on a regular basis as well as have the big wins to make the process exciting.

Can you handle the truth? It’s amazing how far discipline can take you and your profession.

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