Win Over Your Clients with a Strong Sales Process Manual

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For many advisors and business owners in general, the thought of creating and eventually selling a successful, longstanding business is a dream come true. Unfortunately, when it comes to financial planning, most advisors merely create a job and not an actual business.

Consequently, the anticipation of selling a job to another advisor is difficult and maintaining a successful business on a daily basis can be nothing short of grueling. This is why having a sales process “manual” in place not only helps you run a better financial planning firm, but can transition your job into a thriving business.

Step One: Putting Your Processes into Place for Greater Sales Opportunities

The first question you must answer before you begin developing a strategy to increase sales is why you want to build your firm and what you anticipate the impact to be. You cannot effectively navigate a plan if you’re unsure of what lies ahead.

When it comes to establishing a process, there are three elements to consider. The first is making sure you have a definite purpose. Perhaps you are looking to increase efficiency or you want to create a consistent client experience. Whatever your reason, be sure to understand your purpose moving forward.

Second, you should carefully envision all potential outcomes. Questions you may want ask yourself before proceeding are:

  • How can we complete this in as little of time as possible?
  • How does this plan help us to fulfill our purpose?
  • How usable is our finished product?

Understanding potential outcomes can help your business steer clear of issues along the way, and maximizes efficiency so you can dedicate more of your time to clients.

Lastly, it is important to take time to review your process for any areas in need of revision. Helpful ways to organize information may include using templates to create policies, procedures & checklists. Categorizing each topic into a table of contents may also allow for easier navigation in the future.

Step Two: Increasing Your Clientele through Lead Nurturing

In order to generate the anticipated amount of sales for your business, your process should focus on broadening the number of contacts you have on a list. By following this process, you will see your warm leads grow progressively hotter.

To convert potential clients to loyal followers, lead nurturing must be incorporated into your sales process. This concept allows you to create something of value for your prospective clients. By educating your prospects over a period of time, you are building the value proposition that clients will easily be able to latch onto.

One of the many benefits of establishing a solid sales process is that you are initially creating a business for yourself. Developing a firm process enables you to design a transaction and generate an annuity or an income that you receive for doing something you are genuinely passionate about.

Unsure of where to begin? Click here to get started! Download our process map example below and start creating your own. Simply submit your name and email and the download will be sent to your inbox.


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