When A Client Asks For Advice — Stop and Do Nothing!

Posted By on Oct 29, 2013|0 comments

What?!?!?! Do nothing?

Yes that’s right.

So often we are trained as financial advisors to solve problems. It is a knee-jerk reaction.  We are bombarded with questions: Should I do a ROTH conversion? When should I sell my house? Will I have enough money in retirement?

With all the questions, it’s natural for us to jump to answers and solutions.

But diving right in isn’t always the best option. In providing sales training for financial advisors, I teach advisors to do nothing! In Accessing Accountants, I encourage you to build a relationship with your clients first. Meet your clients’ accountant. By doing so, you, the accountant and the client can all be on the same page (with the same goals). The accountant gets to know you and vice versa, creating natural referral potential. Your client loves it because both of their trusted advisors are together. The accountant loves it because he feels sought after, and you love it because you build a sales channel.

So next time your client asks you for advice and analysis, DO NOTHING.

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