What’s The Prognosis? Testing Your Marketing For Success

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Dr. Gregory House, the character in the show House, tests diagnoses and treatments to see if they would work. His fast-paced scientific process is choreographed for entertainment, but we can take a lesson from what House does: Test!

Recently, I was on a retreat with six other business owners who work outside of the finance industry. The retreat activity was to learn how to fly fish. I can see why people enjoy being outdoors, and I especially liked the activity but not enough to have it become my next activity-of-choice.

What I thought was interesting was that the true fly fishing pros document all sorts of things like temperature, weather, what bugs are on the water, wind, and much more. Then they go about testing different combinations of “flies.”

I was amazed at the number of flies available. Even more interesting was that the instructor recommended testing the different types of flies throughout the course of the day. Lighter, heavier, dry, wet ones that looked like dragonflies, other looked like nymphs. There were a bunch, and the point is that we tested them all.

Some advisors do not have enough marketing ideas to test which ones generate prospects. If you would like to learn of programs advisors are having success with, check out our library of sale classes here. You can learn from others’ tests.

I highly recommend advisors to test your marketing. You can test your website, emails, seminars, and learning events test emails. Really, the combinations are unlimited.

So when you are thinking about your marketing program, think like House.

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