What Financial Advisors Can Learn From A Super Bowl Champ

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It is easy to get caught up in the hoopla and the brilliance of what unfolded at the Super Bowl.  But behind the stars, like Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco, there is a roster of individuals whose hard work, determination and motivation accomplished their collective goal of winning the Super Bowl.

While we, as a society, often pin the win on the MVPs and big-time players, the success is not actually in the stars. It is in establishing a plan, executing it and keeping score of the progress toward the plan’s goal.

Fullback Full of Insight

Several years ago I had the honor of meeting Vonta Leach, fullback for the Ravens.  At the time, he played for the Houston Texans. Known for his ability to create holes in the line for running backs to weave through, Vonta is now the highest paid fullback in the NFL. This was BEFORE the Super Bowl. With his and his teammates hard work, he is now a Super Bowl Champion.

Back to my meeting with Vonta. One of the advisors I was working with knew Vonta because they went to the same high school. ISuper Bowl Champ met with them both, because they were working on a foundation to help at-risk youth in eastern North Carolina. Also, the other advisor hoped that my presence would help her land the gig as Vonta’s financial advisor. It didn’t. He probably does not even remember me or what we talked about.  But I remember what he taught me about football.

Ironically, the conversation that enfolded kicked off what would become AUM in a Box. We talked about coaches, in this case Mike Shanahan, who at the time coached the Denver Broncos. The connection was Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son, who was an assistant coach at Houston where Vonta was playing at the time.  Vonta shared with me that Mike Shanahan choreographs the first 12 plays of each game. His team practices and practices those 12 plays each day during the week leading up to a game.

The discipline of this approach—creating a plan, implementing and assessing the plan over and over to measure progress and perfect the plan—so impressed me. It’s the main takeaway I grasped from meeting with Vonta.

A Game Plan for Success

It would be several more years, and hardship before developing the tools and resources that AUM in a Box now offers. But, the conversation with Vonta, much like practicing blocking or running sprints, laid the foundation for AUM in a Box.  Thinking about how football coaches create a plan got me thinking about how, as business owners, we can create a process for everything we do, from increasing sales to improving customer service. The key is to create a plan, implement it, assess it, and execute it.

Get Your Game Together

To make the process easier, download AUM in a Box’s 30-60-90 Day Game Plan Template (download available in our HOMEWORK section below). Our template is inspired by Verne Harnish’s one page focus plan in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm (check out his video above) and Gino Wickman’s work outlined in Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, which makes the one page plan more succinct. We then combined Harnish’s and Wickman’s work with insights from Geoff Smart’s Who: The A Method for Hiring to create the best of the best: AUM in a Box’s 30-60-90 Day Game Plan Template.


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