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Liberals Defy Obama, Push for Increase in Social Security Benefits (

Plan for Financial Independence, Not Retirement ( 

The Experts: What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make When Financing Their Kids’ College Education? (The Wall Street Journal)

Plan to Reverse Student Loan Interest Rate Blocked In Senate (

Affluent Eager for Advisors (

Buy, Buy, Love: Smarter Ways to Spend (

Lead or Be Led — Are You Ready for Inbound Marketing? (

My New Client: Part Two (Crafting a Value Proposition) (  

Fee-Only Financial Planner: What’s the Difference (

Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy (

7 Practical and Powerful Tips to Accelerate Online Marketing (Duct Tape Marketing)

10 Epic Sports Pep Talks to Motivate Your Team (

The Rise of the Boutiques (

Telling the Truth on Fees, Warts and All (The New York Times)

Market Partying Like It’s 1995: Santoli ( 

Our Expert (finally) Reveals His Personal Retirement Strategy (

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About ESOPs (

The Best Solutions for Protecting Retirement Portfolios: Put and Call Options versus GLWBs (

Obama’s Bid to Squeeze Social Security Enrages His Core Backers (McClatchy)

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Read more here:

Warren Buffett is bullish … on women (CNN Money)

Implementing Behavioral Portfolio Management (

Budget Negotiating Chip Has Big Downside for Old and Poor (The New York Times)

The Old School Master of Lead Nurturing: Why Not Outsource? ( 

DoubleLine’s Gundlach: Bond Market Is Hovering Over a Crater (Money News)

Why Prospective Returns Are Low (

Big 401(k) Mistakes … and How You Can Avoid Them (The Wall Street Journal)

Deciding the Right Time to Claim Social Security (

What Advisors Get Wrong About Clients (Financial Planning)

Saving for Retirement: How Much Do You Need? (

Retirement Disaster Looms for Universal Life Policyholders (

Tracking Your Finances, One Number at a Time (

How to Set a Price on the Life of a Beloved Pet? (

Learn to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Your Career (Podcast) (Enterprising Investor)

Payroll Audits Put Small Employers on Edge (The Wall Street Journal)

Workers Saving Too Little to Retire (The Wall Street Journal

From Grief Comes A Mission To Make Estate Planning Less Daunting ( 

5 Things The Jobs Report Tells Us About The Economy (Or Not)  (

Prospecting for Sales: It’s Not About Your Offer (

The Dow’s New High (The Economist)

Big Investors Leads Bets Against Junk Bonds (Financial Times)

The New Solution Selling, by Keith Eades.

Nine Practices to Help You Say No (Harvard Business Review Blog Network)

A New Approach to Time Management (

The End May Be Nigh But Don’t Bet On It (By Edward Chancellor in ‘The Last Word,’ Financial Times)

How Safe are Annuities? (Advisor Perspectives)

Avoiding Tax Refund Identity Fraud (The Huffington Post) 

Life and Death Planning: Low effort, high reward.

Predicting Asset Class Returns: Recommendations for Financial Planners  (Advisor Perspectives)

Wealthier Participants Turn to Outside Advisers (

The Checklist Manifesto (by Atul Gawande)
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