Road To Sochi: How Thinking Like An Olympian Can Pay Off

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The Winter Olympics recently came to a close. The first time I remember the Olympics was in 1980. Leading up to the Olympics, I was following Phil Mahre. He was a great slalom skier who had torn his knee a year before and it was questionable whether he would be able to race.

When I was eight years old, I started collecting pictures of Olympians. I would cut them out of newspapers and magazines and put them in a book. I even sketched out the chosen Olympic symbol for the cover. Around the time of my budding Olympic obsession, my father took me to an exhibition hockey game in Madison Square Garden between U.S.S.R and the USA team in which the USA got slaughtered.

For the athletes who competed in this year’s Olympics, the road to Sochi was long and hard, but worth all of it. The number of people who actually make it is so small; it is an incredible milestone to achieve. The athletes persevere through long hours and hard work, including diet, weights, cardiovascular training, sport-specific training, mental awareness and, most importantly, rest. More specifically, they do all of this as a result of laser-focus on what needs to get accomplished.

Think Like an Athlete – Prioritize Your Goals

What do Olympic athletes have to do with financial advising? As a sales trainer for financial advisors, I don’t see this same focus with financial planners. Some advisors want to improve the efficiency of their operations while others want to provide better customer service. In some way or form, most of them want to grow their businesses.

However, as a coach to financial advisors, I am aware of what they do in a day, and it is not focused on what they want to accomplish. Unlike the Olympians who spend all their waking hours thinking and breathing their goal, I often find that advisors are caught up in emails or are spending five hours a day working on customer requests.

Don’t get me wrong—these are things that you MUST accomplish, but you also need to prioritize what must be done.

Think like an Olympian. Are you doing what you really should be doing?

What was the goal that you set out to accomplish in 2014?  What are the outcomes you need to accomplish in order to get to those goals?  Once you’ve answered these questions, put in your calendar a time to complete each of these tasks to get you on the road to gold.

The Olympians get up early and stay late. They miss out on parties and time with their friends in order to reach their goals. What are you missing out on to accomplish your goal?

Next Steps

Looking to find your focus to grow your business and boost your sales? Prioritize your goals and set aside time each week to work toward achieving them. By dedicating time each week to the tasks that will help drive your business, you’re increasing the chances of gaining clients and building sales. Need help figuring out how to prioritize your goals? Contact us for a free consultation.

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