Princess Kate Used a Checklist for Her Hair on Her Wedding Day

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If you have spoken with me or read anything about sales training for financial advisors on AUM in a Box, you know that we are all about procedures and checklists.

We use checklists when advisors outsource their back office needs to us, we help financial planners create checklists for their operations, and we certainly incorporate checklists into the sales process.

A great example of the importance of checklists came across my desk recently. It was too good not to incorporate into an example and post. The Duchess of Cambridge used a checklist for hair grooming on her wedding day. Wow! I can’t even imagine what kind of checklist the wedding planner must of had!

With the eyes of the world on the royal bride, hairdressers Richard Ward and James Pryce gave Hairdressers Journal an exclusive insight into the biggest job of their careers.

“The very last month before the wedding was when everything had to come together. Richard and I were meeting with Kate more often and the key stylists who were involved in the bridal party were also meeting regularly with her mother Carol and sister Pippa to talk through looks. There were nine of us involved in the day, so I created a schedule so we would know who was doing what, at what time, in what room, for how long, etc. It had to be really organized as there was so much to do and not much time, with the wedding set for 11 a.m.

It was such an amazing feeling to be part of this historical day. I was so proud of James and my team that morning. I was there with James as he created Kate’s bridal look. Usually the pressure is on me but that day, it was all about James; he did so well. I was there passing the pins, ticking a checklist and loving every moment.”

Materializing Your Mental Checklist

When I speak with financial planners, I almost always ask if they have procedures. They say they do, but more often than not, this idea remains inside their heads, where it does no good.  You have to get it out. Put it on paper. Share it with your employees.

Recently, we brought on a new employee in our office. She was up and running in a short amount of time and was able to start doing things on her own. This was all because we had created a checklist for everything we do in the office. It saved us all time because another person did not have to sit with her to do everything. By providing a checklist, we were able to save on errors, because we did not have to guess and there was no way we could miss a step. It also created a consistent experience for the client.

My point through this all is that checklists work. Checklists allow you to become more efficient, eliminate errors, reduce costs and in the case of the royal wedding, get you down the aisle. Try it. You just might feel like royalty … or at least more efficient and effective.

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