Imaginary Coach? Think Imaginary Friend With Business Savvy

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I had the benefit of meeting Townsend Wardlaw 13 years ago. We met by accident through an acquaintance. I don’t see the acquaintance much these days, but Townsend has been a friend, advisor and board member for my business ever since.

When he struck out on his own as sales consultant and coach, I was in the process of starting my own company. Together, we took on a project creating a competitive analysis for Yahoo!. He was the guru. I did the research.

Over the course of 13 years, Townsend has taught me much. In fact, I have a notebook that I always carry around. I go through my notes every two months. In the front of each notebook, I write down processes and procedures that are worth knowing as a financial advisor and sales trainer that I learned from Townsend—four pages in total.  Whenever I get in a jam, I refer to my notes. It’s like having an imaginary coach.

Through my learnings from Townsend and my first-hand experience advising financial advisors over the years, I created a class, Accessing Accountants. The benefit of the class is learning how to tap into your contacts and fellow professionals—starting with accountants and branching out to other contacts—to get clients without even selling. In fact, my main goal of the class is to help you stop doing some of the things you are currently doing in order to get more clients. In the process, you can build valuable relationships with accountants, stronger rapport with your clients and attract more referrals.

Think of the class as your imaginary coach. Mine sure comes in handy.

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