How the Right Questions Can Make You A Better Financial Advisor — An Interview with Jack Beatty (Entry 2 of 4)

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Think back to a time when you were in the zone. The zone is what athletes characterize as times when they are performing at their peak—the times when they are on a roll. What I’ve learned from my mentor Jack Beatty and from the Kurt Wright’s book (Jack’s recommendation), Breaking the Rules: Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance, is that asking the right questions is essential to getting in the zone and, as a result, developing into a top financial advisor. 

Training is the Trick

Since I met Jack five years ago, he has been training me to get in the zone. Jack believes, “The key to getting on a roll and staying there is learning to frame questions in such a way that they cannot be processed analytically. When we do this correctly, our questions are automatically processed by our intuition.”

The trick is in the training—to discipline yourself to think effortlessly and engage your mind and your body. In Breaking the Rules: Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance, the training Wright provides is the RIGHT QUESTIONS. This is a series of questions to train ourselves to engage our intuitive minds and get in the zone.

The RIGHT Questions are:

  1. What is right?
  2. What made it right?
  3. What would be ideally right?
  4. What was not quite right?
  5. What resources do I need to make it right?

In An Interview with Jack Beatty: Personal Alignment Tips from a Mentor (Entry 1 of 4), I gave an example of packing my car for a trip.  My wife wanted it packed in a different way and proceeded to change what I had done. I got upset and stopped communication. In the example I shared, I should have proceeded to ask myself the right questions:

  •  What was right? I had the car packed the night before we departed.
  • What made it right? I was organized, and I had a thoughtful plan for packing the car and picking up my in-laws.
  • What would be ideally right? To align my idea with my wife’s idea.
  • What was not quite right? We did not ask each other what the other’s plan for having the car packed would look like.
  • What resources do I need to make it right? I could have asked questions of my wife to understand her plan.

By engaging in a process of asking questions, we can get in the zone. This also allows us to train ourselves to be in the zone more often. We can revert to our process, practice it and then instinctively revert to it, helping us function at our peak performance more often.

Zoning in on the Goal

Jack emphasizes to me to “believe that your ideal future self is attainable, desirable, and deeply satisfying.” The right questions help achieve goals.

Asking the right questions is a disciplined process of attaining your desired goals.  Too often, I speak with financial advisors and uncover that they do not know their goals. Or, they have identified their goals, but they are not specific—they cannot be measured and there is no time commitment around them.

Financial advisors can attain clarity of purpose and goals by asking themselves the right questions. Getting there is not easy, but disciplining yourself to ask the right questions is progress in the right direction.

Now that you know what the right questions are, learn how to continue to “step up your game” and align better with your clients in our next entry (coming soon!).


Start utilizing the RIGHT questions to get in the zone.  


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