Get Excited…Again! How to Attract New Business by Loving What You Do

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Have you ever gotten into a rut? I know you have. We all have at some point.

Recently, we have been working with an advisor who has emerged from his rut. Early last year, Fidelity approached him and booted him from their custodian platform for having less that $25 million in assets. He had $24 million.

For the last six months, he has been trying to recuperate from being booted off Fidelity and making the move to Scottrade. It wasn’t until after this move that he became worn out, which was probably due to all the paperwork that needed to be signed and the transfers that needed to occur.

As a sales trainer for financial advisors, we have seen this time and time again — you can’t sell yourself if you’re not excited about what you are doing.

Focus on What You Love to Drive Business

When you are forced to work on things that you do not enjoy or are not proficient in, it drains you much quicker than if you are doing something you love and enjoy.

This particular advisor loved and enjoyed working with people and providing them with a solution. His passion or strong point was not in dealing with the paperwork or requests that clients had. These tasks drained him, and since he had worked so hard to transfer his assets to Scottrade, he was worn out and unable to drive his business.

We took over his customer service and back office for him, which allowed him to take the breather he needed. He was also able to get away from the business to travel and take some time to mend himself.

With renewed energy and trust that we were managing his paperwork, client requests and database, he is now out of his dark place and back doing what he does best: selling and bringing in new clients.

He has found his excitement to sell again and generate new business all because he sought help in freeing up his time so he could focus on what he loves and does best. Instead of being forced to take care of each and every task, he delegated some of the tedious work that was holding him back.

This month alone, he has brought on five new clients – a spike that has allowed his company to bring in over $25 million in assets.

It’s important to be passionate not only about your business, but what you are doing each day to help make it thrive. Taking a step back and directing your focus on the things you enjoy can make all the difference in how successful your business can become.

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