Eliminating Distractions: Why Email Should be Banned

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We have come to rely on emails way too much. I get more than 120 emails each day. Since I make a point of clearing my emails each day, I reply to each email by the end of the day. This takes time, even if it is to say, “I received your email. Can I get back to you in two days?”

In order to win back the war, I have come to scheduling out my days at least a week in advance. This means scheduling when I review emails, return clients calls, meet with employees, write my blog, do research, and meet with prospective clients.

I have two set times, 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., when I review emails.

Don’t get me wrong, emails are a better a way of communicating in certain situations, but if it distracts you from what you really need to get done, then emails are a time sink.

People ask how I get things done, how I can keep up four different sales strategies, work out, and compete in running and swimming. The trick for me is to schedule everything that I do. The first step is to schedule time to sit down with your calendar.

If you want some sales ideas to help fill your time, rather than picking up your smart phone and responding to the next email, go to our classes on sales and business project management to help you create a process around your day here.

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