Classes for Financial Advisors: 21 Point Day

Posted By on Sep 20, 2013|

21 Point Day: 21 Points You Need to Achieve Sales Growth

Learn how to turn sales into a game that you can win with this sales training class for financial advisors.

Sales training for financial advisors class. Download and dive in today!

Make sales a game and watch your success grow. Use this class to set goals for each day and increase your sales. Download available upon purchase. Just $5 per download and you receive the class recording, class slides with notes, and a 21 point day workbook! Simply click “add to cart” below and your downloads will be delivered via email.

The purpose of this class is to provide a fun way for you to hold yourself accountable and achieve sales growth. The reality is that some activities we do every day are not productive. This class will help you identify the activities that drive growth, delegate tasks that are less important for your involvement, and, essentially, create a process for generating sales through a fun game. We’ll also look at how you need to be disciplined in the process.

Specifically, the objectives of this session are to:

  • Understand the discipline it takes to reach a goal
  • Make the 21 points a game to achieve sales growth

Only $5!