Are You Willing to Do a Trust Fall? Three Things to Build Trust

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Are your clients willing to do a trust fall into your arms – you know, the one where they close their eyes and fall back and hope you catch them? In other words, are they willing to put their future and their economic position into your hands?

As financial advisors, we often want to be appreciated for the fine advice we provide.  However, we often forget that we are working with humans. What the individuals sitting on the other side of the table want first and foremost is not fine advice. Rather, they want to be able to TRUST you.

Trust is imperative in the world we live in. As a sales trainer for financial advisors, I stress that all financial advisors and planners need to realize that this is what is most important. As a result, when we first engage with an individual, we must build trust. What allows people to trust one another? Uniforms, spending time with a person and the quality of communication are all essential.

Financial advisors don’t have a uniform per se, but dressing the part is important because people trust what they see. Looking the part of your profession is important in order to gain the respect and trust of your clients.

The second way to build trust is to invest your time in communicating with individuals.  The more time we can spend communicating, the better. In “The Effect of Communication Modality on Cooperation in Online Environments”, authors Carlos Jensen, Shelly D. Farnham, Steven M. Drucker, and Peter Kollock found that when given the opportunity, individuals with the most time to communicate with one another have the greatest level of trust for each other.

The third most important way to build trust is in the quality of communication. If our communication can convey sincere interest in another person’s values and goals, then the level of trust improves.  Consequently, we have to ask good questions to know what those interests and needs are.

The decision to trust someone happens very quickly. The first meeting with a client is an important step in establishing trust. Overall, this is what will build the business relationship between you and a client. Give your clients the resources they need to put their trust into your hands.

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