Are You a MacGyver? Solving Problems for Your Clients

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Growing up, I enjoyed watching the television show, MacGyver. The show was about an NSA spy that was always getting into crazy situations. He never carried a gun and all he had with him was duct tape and a Swiss army knife. These tools and his smarts got him out of precarious situations.

There were a couple of concepts that I learned from the show, mainly:

  • Understand your environment
  • Identify responsibilities
  • Recognize other peoples’ needs

Last week, I was speaking to a prospect, an advisor based in Florida. He works from his home and his wife handles customer services and operations. The initial focus of our call was that he needed help in growing his business and bringing on new clients, but as we got into his environment, it was clear that the more pressing issue was his back office.

His passion was on growing his business and client relationships. He needed to identify that his value and responsibility was to serve his clients, not spend time on issues and tasks that were better performed by another person.

His initial need was not in discovering prospects or converting them to clients, rather his real need was getting out of day-to-day operations. He was getting bogged down with completing applications, which was particularly difficult as his strengths are not organization and efficiency when it comes to paperwork. This advisor needed an effective process; he needed a written procedure to make these tasks easier and faster to complete.

As a result of emerging myself in his environment, I was able to recognize that what he needed in order to grow was help with his back office and assistance with his daily operations. He didn’t want to hire someone, so he liked the idea of outsourcing his back office.

His responsibility as an advisor is to understand and problem-solve for his clients. By outsourcing his back office, he enables himself to provide exceptional service, which allows him to grow his business by doing the things that he loves that bring him the most joy.

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